Warrior scripts WoW

Warrior scripts WoW Warrior scripts WoW Warrior scripts WoW Warrior scripts WoW
Dear customers, I would like to introduce you to the greatest warrior PvP scripts as described below. No matter which WoW script you need, don’t worry, we are ready to write a custom LUA script for you.

    1. Automatic Overpower in Cast/Channel.
    2. Automatic Shield Bash/Pummel in needed spell casts in Random time or start/end of cast
      • Not usable in interrupt immune’s(aura mastery, divine protection and etc..)
    3. Automatic Spell Reflection: In needed spells, In last 0.1 second of cast.
    4. Automatic Charge In succubus seduction.
    5. Automatic Intervene: If Scatter Shot is up on Party1-2
    6. Automatic Commanding shout if someone have low health.
    7. Automatic Intervene and Disarm in Bladestorm
    8. Automatic Heroic strike or Cleave if player have many rage
    9. Optimized Warrior PvE DPS Rotations
    10. And More other Things..

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      Works on every WoW server: Arena Tournament(AT), Molten-WoW(Warmane), WoW Circle, WoW Sulvus, Zhyper-Pwnage and etc.

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