Warlock scripts WoW

Warlock scripts wow Warlock scripts wow Warlock scripts wow Warlock scripts wow Warlock scripts wow

Dear Warlocks, I would like to introduce you to the insane Warlock PvP scripts as described below. No matter which WoW script you need, do not worry, we are ready to write a custom LUA script for you.

      1. Automatically Stopcasting in Spell Reflection/Grounding Totem and Curse of elements him.
      2. Automatically Spell Lock (interrupt) in needed spell casts in Random time or start/end of cast.
        • Spell Lock-Spells not Usable if: Unit not interruptable.
      3. Automatically Seduction stopcast(fakecast) In Shadow word:Death.
      4. Automatically Fakecast shadowstep+kick.
      5. Automatically Break enemy stealth and Vanish
      6. Automatically Tremor totem Killing
      7. Automatically Shadow Ward in Death coil.
      8. Automatically Devour Magic(Dispel) party1/party2/player..
      9. Optimized Warlock PvE Rotations (Affliction/Demonology/Destruction)

And More other Things..


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