Rogue Scripts WoW

Rogue scripts wow Rogue scripts wow Rogue scripts wow

Dear friends, I would like to introduce you to the awesome rogue wow scripts as described below. No matter which Lua script you need, do not worry, we are ready to write a custom wow script for you.

      1. Automatically Vanish script in DeathCoil/Scatter shot/Gouge (this work on all servers)
        • Vanish blind/Repetance/CheapShot(No work on AT)
      2. Automatically Kick target/focus needed spells start/end or random time of cast
        • Kick not usable in interrupt immune’s(aura mastery, divine protection and etc..)
      3. Automatically Sap Stealthed arena target
      4. Automatically Fan of Knives Vanished enemy
      5. Automatically Dismantle in Bladestorm/Shadowdance
      6. Optimized Rogue PvE DPS rotation(DPS BOT, any spec)

And More other Things..



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