Paladin scripts WoW

Paladin scripts wow Paladin scripts wow

Dear paladin, I would like to introduce you to the strongest paladin wow scripts as described below. No matter which WoW script for wow 3.3.5a you need, don’t worry, we are ready to write a custom script lua for you.

      1. Automatically Cleanse controls on party1/party2/player.
      2. Automatically Purify poisons(when Unstable affliction or Vampiric touch is up on player) on party1/party2/player.
      3. Automatically Succubus control – turn evil and holy wrath
      4. Automatically Ebon gargoyle control on mouseover
      5. Automatically sacrifice controls.
      6. Automatically PvE Protection TPS rotation Be BEST tank!.
      7. Automatically Hammer of wrath in arena1/arena2/arena3 targets..
      8. Automatically Arcane torrent in needed casts.
      9. Automatically Fakecast shadowstep+kick and pummel(berserker stance).
      10. Automatically Tremor totemKilling.
      11. Optimized PvE Rotations for Holy(healbot)
      12. Automatically PvE Retribution DPS rotation Increase your DPS.

And More other Things..



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